Roost is a Background available to Street Gypsy characters.

he streets are a dangerous place and wise Street Gypsies know when it’s time to get off of them and hide somewhere until the danger blows over. The places where a Gypsy can get off the street and be relatively safe is called a ‘Roost’. This background is a reflection of what kind of place the Gypsy can find within their current city. These can vary from an old warehouse to an anonymous room in a motel, but they are never permanent. Should the gypsy have more points invested in this background but choose to stay in a lower-quality Roost they can extend the time off the streets by three extra days per additional point. For example, Mab has four points in Roost and needs to get off the streets for a while. She could stay in a very nice place for two nights or a deserted warehouse for nine additional days.

Deserted Warehouse: no water, no heat, and no electricity. The Gypsy has found an old building that has been boarded up by the owner. They can generally get off the street for up to two weeks but since there are no utilities, it

 Vacant Warehouse: Water and electricity but no heat. The gypsy has found a backdoor that’s never locked to a warehouse that’s currently in use but not so much that they would be discovered for four nights at most.

 Gamer’s House: Water, electricity, heat but no laundry. The gypsy has made some connection with a group of “Gamers” and can hang out for no more than two nights without incident.

 No Questions: water, electricity, heat and laundry. By some serious luck, the Gypsy knows someone that knows someone that knows someone that will let them stay in a garage apartment while their child is at college or something similar. Any longer than two days and they will ask the Gypsy to leave.

 The Hilton: water, electricity, heat, laundry and cable. As luck would have it, the gypsy can hide out in a hotel and have free use of their facilities for at most one night.