Character Details
Sphere Shifter
Group Bastet
Faction Gaian
General Details
Allies Darcey
Enemies [by name]
Hangouts Neverland Cafe

Phoebe is a Bastet , a were-lynx, or Qualmi , to be exact. As such, she is spiritually tied to the river that runs through her home territory. When the Mars project returned big industry to the region, Phoebe was active in trying to ensure the environmental impact was minimized, especially in regard to water polution, heading up an intensive internet and social media campaign for her cause. She has, on occasion, teamed up with environmental scientist and Metro University professor Dawn MacFarlan on such projects. 

All Qualmi are inhibited by the yava of not being able to know the truth of their biological parents. Raised in foster care, Phoebe spent her tween years in the care of Grandmother Turtle , where she learned much about how to use the natural gifts given to her by her feline heritage and the power of the Moon. Whenever she is asked about her parents or early childhood she becomes nervous and evasive, as if it is a pain best forgotten.

Phoebe is one of Darcey 's few close friends. Darcey may be the only individual who knows of her nature as a Bastet, aside from Grandmother Turtle. Dash , leader of the Brujah vampire biker gang, has flirtatiously pursued Phoebe for a number of years, though she has made a game of cat-and-mouse out of evading his advances. (Not even aware of the existance of were-cats, Dash has no idea why Phoebe is so attractive to him, aside from her sheer mysteriousness.)

Phoebe is often described as a seductively free spirit, prefering bohemian-style fashions and sometimes even walking barefoot through downtown. Unlike most of the Changing Breed, she is as comfortable in human civilization as she is in the wilds, and keeps a penthouse flat in the historical district along the river, near the boardwalk. 

In feline form, Phoebe appears as an Appalachian bobcat, lynx rufus, though in sokto form she has been mistaken for a vampire more than once (golden eyes, sharp fangs and claws). No one who remembers seeing her in chrinos form has ever spoken of it.