Neverland Cafe
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Owned, and sometimes opperated, by Darcey Mabyn , this cozy little freak-haven of a restaurant and coffee shop is located a couple blocks from the rare book hook-up. You can get the world's best cappucino 24/7 here. The house specials are Cheesy Fries (guarenteed to energize you like an entire meal for under a dollar), milk shakes (beware: these hand-blended milk shakes have been known be involved or in the proximity of some rather odd Life effects), and just about anything from the grill...aka the Burger of Doom, served with a hot sauce that will light up your life. This is not to mention just about every coffee and tea motivated beverage imaginable. Darcey's special Chai blend is known as a cure-all to the locals of the underworld. And if she tells you to drink the catnip--just do it.

There are open mic nights sometimes, or even occasions where local musicians or poets will put on shows. But most evenings you will find the place hopping to the tunes on the jukebox. No oldy-moldies here though, your favorite song is bound to be on it. Really! Just look again. *wink*

The decor is Neo-Gothic Ecclectic, with everything from twinkling christmas lights running along the booths, to movie posters on the ceiling and murals painted on the walls, to a miriad of colours of seat cushions on all the mismatched chairs. And the place is dark. Comfortably dark. There are outlets to plug in your laptop computer, to recharge your cellphone, or even to dry your hair (in the bathroom, please).

Anyone who is "
no one" eventually finds themself here, either out of hunger, curiosity, or the driving addiction of caffeine.