Marcus Dawson, aka "Doc" (Initials of M.D.) has a Ph.D. in History, a Master's Degree in Archaeology and a Bachaelors degree in Museum studies. He was born to be a book-hound. He is a book hound. Currently under employed, he's working part-time in authentication and appraisals of rare books - mostly for private collectors and museums. Private Collectors generally pay more but museums allow him to feel at least somewhat connected to his academic heritage.

Armed with an old canvas satchel, digital camera, notebook and cellphone, he's constantly traveling and making deals. He is based primarily in Huntington where several of the Corporation Executives like for him to purchase rare editions to decorate their million-dollar offices.

Marcus is, as the story begins, not anything special. He travels in circles occupied by members of the Arcanum, the Magi and the Kindred of the Camarilla. Where he will end up is anyone's guess.