Map to McDonalds

Every day in the life of a Street Gypsy is a quest for food. No one is quite certain where this spell originated but some think that it was spread throughout the Families by the Nomadic Gypsies; the Road Rom.


By taking a used food wrapper in hand, the Street Gypsy crumples it into a tight ball while singing the “McDonalds Big Mac” song. At the conclusion of the song, the wrapper is opened up and a map will be displayed that will take the Gypsy to the nearest, edible, free food. This could be a tasting counter at a grocery store or an office’s dumpster with some pizza from a meeting that afternoon. This ritual will only lead the person to enough food to provide one meal for one person and can only be used once per day. Roll Wits + Streetwise versus 6 to determine how accurate a map is found upon the wrapper and how far the Gypsy must travel to find the food