The world of the Fae are organized into Four different Courts, each one based off a different season. The Summer Court, ruled by Lady Titania, Lady of Light and Fire The Autumn Court, ruled by Lord Oberon, Lord of Forests and the Hunt The Winter Court, ruled by Queen Maab, Queen of Night and Air The Spring Court, ruled by Lady Aurora, Lady of Storms and Regrowth

Brief History:Edit

Originally there were two Queens of the Wilds: the Mother of Summer, known simply as Ember , and the Mother of Winter, known simply as Alba . They each had two daughters; Titania and Aurora for Summer and Mab and Kerwyn (whom the mortals renamed 'Keridwyn') for Winter. In time each of the daughters took a season to rule as their own and the Wilds of the world of the Fae were split into Courts.

Lady Titania was appointed as Ember's successor when she took Lord Helios , Lord of the Sun, as her Consort. Not to be out-done, Lady Mab took Lord Boreas , Lord of Ice and Snow, as her Consort and became the ruler of Winter. To balance these two polar opposites, the Mothers then appointed their other daughters as the respective rulers of Spring and Autumn with the Lord of Storms for Aurora and the Lord of the Forest and the Hunt for Kerwyn. [1] Rulership

Each of the Courts built for themselves great palaces on the fringes of the Wilds of Fae, each standing as polar opposites to the other against the rocky cliffs that mark its borders. All those who dwell within their domain are under the rulership, and the protection of the Lady of that season.

As the seasons change, the strength of the two courts rise and fall with the Solstices being the time of great power for both and the equinoxes being times where the strength of one court is equal to the other - often when small battles occurred.

The four courts will squabble with each other during the year but sometimes unify to defend their realms within the Umbra from the brood of creatures that would attack and corrupt them.


The summer court opposes the Winter Court's campaign to sew destruction in the mortal world and reclaim it as their own. The Winter Court continually attempts to take down the technological authority on reality that mortals have had for the past few centuries. If Winter had her way, she would freeze the mortal world in a season of ice (that lasted a few years) until they were willing to accept her authority once more.

The Autumn and Spring courts, as it is a season of change, accepts that things must change and attempts to maintain their place within the Umbra.

Courts of the FaeEdit