The Employee Screening Progarm (ESP) is a corporate-level aptitude, personality and intelligence test administered to all those wishing to work for any of the corprations within Metro City. Once administered, the ESP level earned by the candidate will follow them for their professional career throughout Metro. 

There are five levels to the ESP system. Within each Level there is a ranking from 1 to 5; five being the lowest of the rank. Most people will attend some form of technical school in order to raise their rank by a few points so that they might shift levels. University students will often raise their standing by an entire level by the time they graduate.

The outcome of the test results in the candiate receiving a letter grade from A to F. These levels are all color-coded based on one's performance from A-level which is White (the highest performance) to F-level which is Red (the lowest performance). 

Grade Color Description
A White

The Executives and money-movers in the economy of Metro city. They have all the perks, all the access and all the protection of the law to ensure that they don’t loose it. Few things in the world can stop an “A” from getting what he wants.

B Green

These are the Bureaucrats of the economy. Mayors, chiefs of police, Lawyers and some doctors. They have enough privilege to be comfortable and can generally operate within society without hindrance.

C Blue

The public servants of Metro. These are the nurses, firemen, police, teachers and general repairmen that you see everyday. Most people will push themselves to get a C-Level position as it’s comfortable without too many complications.

D Grey

The drudges. These people were just not good enough to “Go Blue” but were better than the F-Level, Factory Fodder. These people are generally in the maintenance fields that require some technical skills but nothing too spectacular. 

F Red

Factory Fodder. These are the lowest of Metro’s economy. They have nothing and are all but owned by the companies they work for. Commonly seen in a red jumper, they’re sometimes known as “Fire Crackers” for their occasion to be burned up in a factory accident. 


C, D and F-level candidates often report to work in a color-specific jumper. EMS, nursing and firemen will often report in blue 'utilities' for work. In addition, all of those candidates and employees who have completed the ESP process are issued an Identity Band that has all pertinent information regarding their performance, medical history, etc.