Character Details
Sphere Vampire
Group Brujah
Faction Camarilla
Status Elder
General Details
Allies [by name]
Enemies [by name]
Hangouts Boardwalk

Dash is the leader of the most powerful gang in the Warrens, the Red Devils (named for the mascot of one of the local schools). He chose this as his domain because it was somewhere that he and his rabble could hunt and feed freely. They just seemed to blend in with the rest of the riff-raff. You see, Dash is not is nice person. He has a little bit of puckish flair and can be ever so charmingly convincing, in a don't-f*ck-with-me sort of way, when the need arises. But truthfully Dash would rather just crack skulls and ask questions later sometimes. He's rather proud of his reputation for leaving his enemies "out for the Cleaners" with a red pitchfork painted on them somewhere. Not to say that he's just a hothead. He didn't rise to become the most powerful Brujah vampire in central Appalachia by using all fists and no brains. He has a purpose, and that is that someway,somehow, he is going to figure out a way to get these Corporate bastards. It's as good a reason as any to have something to direct his pent-up aggressions at. </span>

Dash is an old school country boy at heart, even though he has genuinely adapted to urban life and thrived in it. And somewhere in the back of his mind he thinks he  almost remembers when this area was a nice quiet place. Well, maybe. Because he can't really remember anything past the night he crawled out of a newly-covered grave about 40 years ago. He's pretty sure he is actually older than that because every now and then some strong emotion or rage will trigger a flash of memory. But he can't really be sure. He just knows that his ambition and need to rebel--against something--has led him to where he is. </span>

Dash has his claws in all sorts of criminal endeavors. His band of miscreants are more than just street punks. The Devils deal in all manner of...acquisitions and redistribution of property. They even front a courrier service for all kinds of sensitive cargo, and have been secretly hired as hitmen from time to time. Because when it comes right down to it, they are killers. They're vampires and ghouls after all! And dispite the edict against motor vehicles in the Warrens, they still manage to ride about on some really bad-a$$ motorcycles, both in and out of their domain.</span>

An Elder Kindred owes Dash a debt of gratitude for a favor he did in years past. He has no intention of calling in the Boom until it is truly needed, but the thought is always there. Physically, Dash is the image of a young 20-something tough guy. His blond hair and grey eyes are just normal enough to let him blend in, and just outstanding enough that he can look intimidating. He favors the long black trenchcoat so prevailent among the anitsocial types of the area's younger generation.</p>

Somewhat to his dismay, Dash has a more-than-passing fascination with a young woman named Phoebe, who is best friends with Darcey, the owner of the Neverland Cafe, though she has deftly evaded his advances. </p>

Things just tend to get a little colder when Dash is around, his skin is always has an icy chill to it. It can be unnerving, and quite frankly, he likes it that way. Just another means to intimidate. In game terms, Dash is a 9th generation Brujah . And if such things were ever measured in Metro, he'd probably be their Primogen. He sired those other Brujah who are there, which are all members of his gang. He is all about physical prowess, manipulation, and wits. Abilities focus on brawl, melee, firearms, subterfuge, intimidation, drive (if it has wheels this guy can drive it), and stealth. His Disciplines are Potence, Presence, Celerity, and Obfuscate. (None of your business where he learned the Obfuscate.)</p>