Character Details
Sphere Mage
Group Cult of Ecstacy
Faction Traditions
Status Master
General Details
Allies [by name]
Enemies [by name]
Hangouts Neverland Cafe

Darcey Mabyn is the owner of the Neverland Cafe', the local coffee shop and restaurant popular with the less-than-popular sort of people. (In other words, people like our characters) She graduated top of her class from both high school and college, with a degree in music. She even secretly scored a C-1 on the ESP, which she then paid someone alot of money to hack into and erase. She loves music, even sang with a band at one point, but never pursued it as a career. She often jokes that Coffee has always been her one true love, and it was this, along with alot of money inherited from her rich grandmother, that made her decide to open the Cafe'.

Darcey knows, or at least has met and probably charmed, just about everyone your character is likely to run into in Metro at one time or another. She may just have served them an espresso and biscotti, but she's seen their face. Still, she by no means spends all her time at the Cafe'. Being the heiress to a decent chunk of cash, and the owner of substantially thriving business, she has hired plenty of people, and even a trustworthy manager, to do the daily grind (coffeehouse pun) for her. Though many people consider Darcey a charming socialite gone wrong, she has far more brains than she is letting on. That's her secret weapon. Well, that and irresistable long, gorgeous, coppery-red hair...but that weapon is a little less of a secret.

As the story opens, Darcey is just doing what Darcey does at the Cafe', promoting a particularly talented band out of central Kentucky called Steel Snowflake by letting them play there weekly. 

In game terms she is a Mage, Cult of Ecstacy by tradition. Her emphasis is in Social traits, as that's what gets her what she wants. Though a natural Adept at the Sphere of Correspondence (and the only person in Metro who can actually "teleport" instead of using portals/gates/The Ways, etc.), her magical Spheres are Time, Prime, Mind, Life, and Correspondence, and her specialties are in magics that will enhance perception or physical...sensations (good or bad). She has Resources, Contacts, and even a few Allies in her corner. If you need information passed, items acquired, or that guy who is following you...researched, she either knows something or knows someone who can handle it for you or with you. </p>