The Cleaners are massive machines that are something of a mix between a street sweeper, a trash compactor and a garbage truck. This large machine with its piercing headlights will pass down the street and clean it completely. Cars are not permitted within the Industrial Center so anything found in front of the Cleaner is grabbed by two robotic arms (think about the arms used to grab trees) and fed into a mouth-like metallic chipper. As there are no stoops for any of the apartment complexes, the Cleaners can clean the streets from edge to edge. As they pass, jets spray waves of a light-green foam on the street and the buildings that will cut through the grime and dirt and leave an annoyingly strong Pine scent behind.

Each apartment cluster has a trash disposal system but they're almost always broken and rarely will anyone come to repair it since the gangs have started to patrol the streets. People will commonly just put bags of trash out on the street for the Cleaner to pick up the next time it passes through.